About Navabharat Group

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Founded in 1934, NavaBharat is a media house born to give voice to people of Central India. Our flagship Hindi daily newspaper ‘NavaBharat’ is published through 14 editions from the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh.

Our Pillars of Strength & Success


We can’t keep our readers ahead if we ourselves are not in the lead, So we constantly re-examine & re-invent ourselves to be innovative.


With a people-centric, data-driven and logical approach that lies at the heart of our foundation, we ensure weare trustworthy.


We understand our social responsibility, so we evaluate our organization & incorporate changes that favour a sustainable environment.


The courage with which Shri Ramgopal Maheshwari founded Navabharat will always be the essence of our organization.


We strongly encourage the empowerment of readers and building a generation that is aware of its rights & responsibilities.

Navabharat Print

Navabharat is the most read Hindi newspaper in urban Maharashtra according to IRS. Its growth in Madhya Pradesh led us to launch separate editions in other states, which diversified our range of readers. Today, Navabharat serves everyone looking for their interests, be it a trader looking for useful insights related to market and commodities, a working man looking for current affairs and employment opportunities, or the youth looking for career advice and interesting entertainment events or news. It also has a strong presence in three more states, namely Gujarat, Chattisgarh, and Orissa

As we strive to reach out to a diverse audience to make everyone a part of our vision of ‘New India’, we do not want language to be a barrier to communication. So, we launched a Marathi daily newspaper in 2000 in Nagpur, called ‘Navarashtra’. With 9 hyper local editions, Navarashtra is published from three centers, i.e. Nagpur, Mumbai and Pune today, and has a strong presence in rural areas.

Our English daily, Central Chronicle, began in 1957 in Bhopal, as an attempt to express our opinions to the aristocrats. It gave a voice to many incidents that took place in the post-independence era. Its progress led to the launch of its Bilaspur and Raipur editions in 1984, which further made it prominent in English journalism in Central India.

Navabharat Digital

Web Portal

A lot is happening in our country and the rest of the world, at any point of time. With the intention to give our readers the latest news and constant updates in real time, we have built a web portal available for our readers in two languages, Hindi and Marathi.


If reading news online whenever you wish interests you, and seems more convenient than reading a newspaper, then you can go to our Navabharat/Navarashtra e-paper website and read the digital version of these newspapers.

Social Media

Social media, in today’s world, is not just a tool to connect with others, but also a tool to keep yourself aware of the latest trends, behavioural patterns, and consumer preferences. With our strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, we keep track of everything that is trending and of interest, in order to fetch more accurate results for our social as well as corporate projects.

Other Business


Navabharat Infraventures Ltd. aims to make a difference with our high-end, complex infrastructure solutions for Road/ Highways & Irrigation projects. Through this we strive to transform the paradigm of the industry with innovative technologies, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, and realty excellence.

Real Estate Development

The group ventured into real estate development with its first project in the late 90s. Nava Bharat Infraventures has been involved in the development of both residential and commercial properties. Having constructed around million square feet of saleable properties . . .

You can call our front desk at 0712 – 2284001/2/3 , email us at info@nubeno.in

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