Product Features

  • Bevel type needle for easier less traumatic insert.
  • FEP catheter with X- Ray opaque line.
  • Special Flexible and kink resistant catheter is double tapered With rounded tip for smooth introduction and minimum Discomfort to the patient.
  • Injection port with non return silicon valve and color coded cap For intermittent and safe administration of drugs During infusion
  • Flexible wings provide easy and secure xation and also Prevent skin contact with luer lock connector.
  • High transparent ash back chamber for an easy view Of returning blood.
  • Blood stopper
  • Luer lock cap for closing the proximal end of the catheter After removing the needle.

Option Available

  • With Injection Port & Wings
  • FEP Radio opaque Catheter
  • FEP Clear Catheter
  • PTFE Catheter & PU Catheter

Technical Specification

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