Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Cancer comprises of uncontrolled growth of cells known as tumours.

In medical science, tumours come in many shapes and sizes.

For example – Benign tumours growth is slow, discrete and encapsulated. These tumours are treated with excisional surgery. Another type of tumour is Lymphoma caused by mature fat cells, quite different to Papilloma, a tumour generated in the epithelial cells.

Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in pigment-producing skin cells or melanocytes on the other spectrum there is Fibroma – a tumour composed of fibrous tissues.

Oncologists with years of research have found root causes to Adenoma, Carcinoma & Sarcoma: malignant tumours that emerge in glandular tissues, epithelial tissues and mesenchyme tissues.

With the latest advancement in medical treatments, oncologists have come up with procedures to cure a few diseases.

Some of them are Cryosurgery or a process where the tumour is destroyed by freezethaw cycles which obligate the cells to rupture due to ice crystal formation

Chemotherapy which is heard by most uses the Cytoxan drug to kill the tumour cells selectively. Radiotherapy has its benefits too in treatment. This method targets treatment by dividing cells.

And lastly, Hyperthermia, a technique where heat is introduced through a needle on site of the tumour – to destroy it by the division of cells.

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