What’s unique about Nubeno is that its policy of ethical business resonates with the concept of sustainability..

Nubeno healthcare believes in making a difference in the market with product and solutions that last longer and manufactured with renewable resources.

For the end client to retain Nubeno for business, our product line keeps up with our market’s consumption cycles, timely delivery, ethical business and products made from renewable, bio-degradable materials.

Our plan is to grow sustainably in the future as well. Our corporate philosophy, “sharing expertise,” means engaging in a constructive exchange with customers and partners to develop effective solutions in order to protect and improve human health. Sustainability is one of our core corporate values, alongside innovation and efficiency. Nubeno operations are characterized by transparency, trust and respect.

We Plan to conquer by posting market-rate growth based on our own strength and innovations.We give our employees a long-term perspective in which success is measured by their hard work and creativity, while ensuring safety and reliability for our partners and customers.

Our core values of innovation, efficiency and sustainability make us what we are: a forward-looking, reliable and cost-conscious company that is aware of its economic, environmental and social responsibility. To us, being sustainable means protecting and improving people’s health as well as their living conditions and environment.

Our commitment to people and our planet

As we pursue our mission to make healthcare better, we see endless opportunity. We also feel a great responsibility to our society. Our objective is to positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world. Nubeno acts around the world as a “citizen of society.” We consider this to mean that we act as a good citizen for society in the long term, beyond our actual business activities, and set an example for other companies.

Giving and volunteering

Nubeno gives back around the world, donating our time, our funds and the products we make to support people in need and the communities in which we live and work with resources to improve lives. We determine philanthropic support based on professional and community needs — from humanitarian aid to healthcare access and other charitable assistance. Our giving and volunteering strategy aims to advance healthcare, support education and support vital communities

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